I get a lot of questions over email and in client meetings, so I figured I’d make a page that answers the majority of them.

How long have you been shooting weddings for?

First wedding was in 2011. I’ve done a fair few since then!

How do I book you?

I take a £500 retainer fee via bank transfer to hold me for the day and a signature on an electronic contract which makes everything legally binding. The final payment isn’t due until 4 weeks before the wedding.

How long do you stay at a wedding?

You have me for the full day so I’ll start and finish whenever you’d like me to. My only rule is that I don’t do any long distance driving after midnight (weddings are exhausting!) If your wedding is far away from either London or Somerset and you’d like me to stay especially late, just put me up in some accommodation and give me a coffee.

Do you need to see the wedding venue before the day?

Not usually. Wedding photographers are at their best when thinking on their feet and working out the best shots depending on what the light is doing. Seeing the venue beforehand usually isn’t that beneficial as the light will likely be completely different on the wedding day. I usually try to arrive early and have a quick scout around working out where is East and West to predict what the sun will do.

Do you have a 2nd shooter?

I don’t often work with second shooters as I like to remain as unobtrusive as possible. An extra photographer is double the intrusion and can be a bit overwhelming when you have 2 big cameras pointed at you all day.  A 2nd shooter would be helpful if you would like shots of both the groomsmen and the bridal party getting ready at the same time in two different locations. Usually I’m able to cover both as the boys get ready in about 15 minutes! If you’d like a 2nd shooter I’ve got plenty of very talented contacts to call on.

What cameras/lenses do you use?

I’ve got 3 canon bodies and a selection of prime lenses. I carry two with me on a wedding day and keep one as a back up.

How many images do you deliver?

I don’t limit the number of images I deliver, it just depends how many I consider ‘keepers’. Usually around 400 images and many will get duplicated into black and white if they look good in both. 600 on average in total.

How long do we have to wait until we receive our images after the wedding?

In peak season it can take up to 4 weeks for me to finish editing your images. I often have multiple weddings a weekend and I don’t have time to edit them before the next wedding comes around so they build up. I’ll always try to leak a few ‘previews’ to my facebook page to keep you going till I’m happy with them.

Do we choose the images for our wedding album?

I send out a PDF explaining the design process after you have got your images back. I ask for a few favourites that you would like featured big in the album and a few other ‘must-haves’. I then design the album with these images in mind. After the first draft, you can change any images for ones you would prefer.

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes! Travel anywhere in the UK is included in my price. I love going to new places so I encourage it! I also love traveling internationally, so do get in touch if your wedding is abroad! The only extra costs would for travel and accommodation.

Do you shoot video as well as photography?

Not on a wedding day. Very different gear is required to competently shoot video so I stick to photography.

What happens if you get sick?

I’m not the sort of person that gets ill often (touch wood!) If it were to happen however, I am part of a great community of talented photographers that help each other out in these situations. I haven’t missed a wedding yet!

Are you insured?

Yes I’m fully insured with public liability and professional indemnity insurance.


Phew! Hopefully that covers most things, but if you have any more questions I’m more than happy to answer them via a phone call, email or in person. Just get in touch!