Thailand One

I hate winter. I’m really not built for the cold. I’ve also always wanted to explore the East after my 6 months in the West (South America) back in ’09. Upon looking at my calendar in early December I was excited disappointed to see I had no weddings booked for a 6 week period after New Year. It made logical sense to book some flights to Thailand to take photographs rather than sitting at home twiddling my frost bitten thumbs and feeling numb from my poor circulatory system. One camera (5D) and one focal length (50mm) to keep me on my toes and to keep things light. I had an absolutely fantastic time and met a lot of fun people on the way. Here are a few of my photographs. My terrible internet connection can’t handle too many photos so I will have another post with the rest coming soon. Don’t scroll down too fast!


Part 2 can be viewed by clicking here. Let me know if you liked them in the comments section down below and share on facebook if you fancy!


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