My best wedding photos from 2021

Below is a massive gallery of my best wedding photos from 2021. You may have noticed I missed last year’s favourites run down, mainly because all my favourite photos from 2020 were of my cat looking vaguely cute or a selection of mildly impressive sourdough loaves. But here we are at the start of 2022 and things are looking much better. 2021 was certainly a tale of two halves, the first 6 months being painfully quiet with lots of uncertainty, waiting eagerly to hear the government road maps and then trying desperately to reschedule everyone’s weddings. Then from June it was full speed ahead with wedding mania and everyone releasing all their pent-up energy. It has been fantastic to get back to doing what I love and thank you to all my clients for being so understanding, considerate and just kind people. I have been travelling all over the place this year, with a surprising number of weddings in Sussex, Surrey, Somerset and Suffolk. I seem to attract the ‘S’ counties for whatever reason. I hope you enjoy the images below and I can’t wait for what 2022 has in store! As always, I would massively appreciate you sharing this post with anyone you think might enjoy it, leave me a review if you like and do get in contact if you are in need of a photographer! You can keep up to date with my latest work on instagram here. Happy scrolling!

You’ve made it through to the bottom, congratulations! If for whatever reason that wasn’t enough and you absolutely must see more, you can view my best wedding photos of 2019 here and if you would like to see some full weddings from start to finish, take a look through my blog to see the latest and greatest.